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Юридические услуги



Garant Legal Advice Center is a reliable day-to-day partner providing a wide range of legal services. Our company was established in 2000 to render multidiscipline and qualitative assistance to customers in ever-changing legal environment in Russia.

Nowadays we are steadily developing and increasing the list of services offered.

Dynamic work of experienced specialists allows potential expenses to be envisaged and avoided, risk of losses to be minimized and financial results to be predicted. Guarant Legal Advice Center provides both a complex of legal services to our regular customers and single orders while implementing individual approach in every case.

Our company ensures confidentiality, quality and integrity in rendering services and a reasonable fee for due quality of the services as well, which allows Customer's interests to be met in full scope.

Among the Clients who enjoy the services of our Center - Russian companies engaged in different business spheres, representation offices of large foreign companies and non-commercial non-government organizations.

We are ready to offer the following services to our customers

Legal support
  • Development of enterprises' internal legal environment and document control system.
  • Elaboration of draft contracts and other legal papers.
  • Legal expertise of contracts.
  • Legal support to execution of agreements (contracts)
  • Assistance and advice in labor law.
  • Settlement of labor disputes by conciliation or arbitration.
  • Legal evaluation and optimization of contractual work of a company.
  • Representation and defense of customers' interests in arbitration and regular courts as well as in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.
  • Preparation of complaints, writs, claims and other papers in behalf of customers.
  • Counseling and support to transactions related to real property acquirement and amortization.
  • Aid and advice in export-import operations.
  • Filing of issues of shares
  • Preparation and support to additional issue of shares including representation of interests in the Federal Financial Markets Service.
  • Creation of share registry system
  • Maintenance and restoration of share registry
  • Preparation to and holding of general meetings of stockholders

Tax advice
  • Preliminary assessment of tax consequences of contracts.
  • Undesirable tax consequence prevention.
Intellectual property and copyright law
  • Legal review and support to legal relations when assigning or acquiring copyright
  • Copyright clearance
  • Proper registration of the right to works created by employees when implementing duty assignment
  • Authorship agreements, publisher's agreements - development and legal review
  • Aid and advice in protectability of intellectual property
  • Preparation, filing of applications and representation of customers' interests in Rospatent (Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks) when recording trademarks, industrial designs and inventions
  • Registration of license agreements
  • Representation and defense of customers' interests in the Chamber for Patent Disputes.
And related services as well:
Registration and alteration of constituent documents of organizations with any business legal structure, including
  • Development of required constituent documents.
  • Registration in respective authorities.
  • Alteration.
  • Reorganization of juridical person: division, extraction, merger, accession, acquisition, reorganization.
  • Registration of branches and representation offices.
  • Registration of organizations with a membership of foreign juridical persons
  • Tax registration of foreign companies in order to open bank accounts in the RF.
  • Preparation of labour permit for foreign employees.
Юридические услуги

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